The Java St Andrew Society has been fortunate to have had many loyal sponsors as partners over the years
and we are honoured to share details of our key sponsors and to thank them for their commitment to support us again this year.

We also remain keen to seek and engage with additional sponsors to support the Society and details of our current sponsorship packages can be viewed on the attached link
JSAS Sponsorship Packages 

Additionally we would be delighted to listen to any ideas and proposals you may have that may better meet the needs of your own brand and customers
and to this end please do let us know by contacting the Chieftain at  chieftain@thejavastandrewsociety.com.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

ASEAN St. Andrew's Society

The individual work of St Andrew Societies in South East Asia is diverse and highly significant. Each of these independent societies is run by a committed and hardworking committee who represent the best of Scotland in the countries in which they are located.

The ASEAN St Andrew Society was formed to offer strength from unity (a network of support). We offer the provision of a platform to share good practices and develop joint initiatives which are important to the continued success of each society within the region.

ASEAN St Andrew Society is particularly geared towards locating additional supporters, partners and sponsors for societies. We will assist organisations and/or institutions who want to raise their profile in this region. And for those who have philanthropic activities in South East Asia, we offer a point of contact. Armed with over 28 years of experience in sponsorship of various society events, our chieftain is well versed and can bolster any potential return for a sponsor, in a sense we provide support to sponsors when and where required. Local societies who wish to have access to our sponsorship can rest assured that the ASEAN society sponsors are predominantly Scottish companies, who are an ideal match for the regional societies and/or their independent events. This ensures that mutual benefits are nurtured.

The RIO Club

The RIO Club now established for more than 20 years has been a staunch supporter since its inception of The Java St Andrew Society. The Real Investment Opportunities Club (The RIO Club) is a private Investment Club founded in February 1995. With a current membership of 1131 members who are based in 20 countries worldwide. The Club has become the largest private investment Club in Asia with this by considered by many to be quite an achievement since our membership has grown through recommendation only. Over the past eight years assets under management have increased dramatically with further investment as has money under management. 

The RIO Club is an active supporter of social and charitable activities here in Jakarta.


Asian Tigers Mobilty have been staunch supporters of JSAS for more than 30 years and are the leading provider of international relocations solutions, providing comprehensive end-to-end mobility services that are tailored to each clients’s needs. Details of their services are here and for enquiries please contact bill.lloyd@asiantigers-indonesia.com


PT Astra International Tbk was established in 1957 in Jakarta as a general trading company under the name Astra International Inc. In 1990, for the purpose of the company’s initial public offering (IPO), the name of the company changed to PT Astra International Tbk, followed by listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the ticker code ASII. Astra has developed its business by implementing a business model based on synergies and diversification within seven business segments, consisting of: 1) Automotive, 2) Financial Services, 3) Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction & Energy, 4) Agribusiness, 5) Infrastructure and Logistics, 6) Information Technology and 7) Property.

Astra conducts business operations in all parts of Indonesia under the management of more than 230 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies, and was supported by more than 226,000 employees, as of September 2019. As one of the largest national business groups today, Astra has built a strong reputation through offering a range of quality products and services, taking into account the implementation of good corporate governance and environmental governance. Astra always aspires to be the pride of the nation that participates in efforts to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Therefore, Astra’s business activities strive to apply a balanced mix in the commercial aspects of business and non-business contributions through 9 foundations, also through a variety of sustainable social responsibility programmes in the fields of health, education, the environment and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Astra initiated the Semangat Astra Terpadu Untuk (SATU) Indonesia Awards programme, which has entered a decade this year, and has given recognition awards to 305 young Indonesians, consisting of 59 national level recipients and 246 provincial level recipients in the fields of Health, Education, the Environment, Entrepreneurship and Technology, which are integrated with Astra’s wide range of community activities focused on health, education, the environment and entrepreneurship through 86 Kampung Berseri Astra and 645 Desa Sejahtera Astra initiated in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is proud to be one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, and thanks to our customers’ response to our offerings, we are also the world’s fastest-growing airline. We connect more than 150 destinations on the map every day, with a fleet of the latest-generation aircraft, and an unrivalled level of service from our home and hub, the Five-star airport, Hamad International Airport in Doha, the State of Qatar.

As aviation faces its greatest challenge, we remain committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene on board our aircraft at all times. Qatar Airways is the first global airline in the world to achieve the prestigious 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating by international air transport rating organisation, Skytrax. This follows HIA’s success as the first airport in the Middle East and Asia to be awarded a Skytrax 5-Star COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating. These recognitions provides assurance to passengers across the world that airline health and safety standards are subject to the highest possible standards of professional, independent scrutiny and assessment.

Since our launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has earned many awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have earned a 5-star rating by Skytrax. Voted Airline of the Year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019 and most recently in 2021, Qatar Airways has won the confidence of the travelling public. We have accomplished these goals by focusing on the details – how we run the business, and how you experience our airline.

My goal is to make Qatar Airways your airline of choice, offering the flights you want to the destinations you need. It is this which drives our collective mission to achieve ‘Excellence in everything we do’ at all levels across our Qatar Airways family of highly-skilled and committed professionals, from across the globe.

On behalf of everyone at Qatar Airways, we look forward to welcoming you on board, and let us Go Places Together.

Thank you.

Akbar Al Baker

Group Chief Executive

Qatar Airways