With a skirl o’ the pipes and a swish o’ the kilt we urge you to dree oot the inch as ye hae done the span.

The Java St. Andrew Society (JSAS) was founded in 1919 and has had a continued active presence in Jakarta since, bar of course the interruption of WW2. The Society aims to celebrate Scotland and all things Scottish here in Jakarta and is open to everyone who wishes to joins us in such celebrations. From smaller gatherings for a wee swallie to ceremonious extravaganzas such as the annual JSAS St Andrew’s Charity Ball we bring opportunities for everyone to raise their glasses and toast Bonnie Scotland, as well as just have a great evening amongst friends.

2019/20 represented our centenary year and so we hosted some spectacular celebrations around our 2 main events of the St Andrew’s Ball on 30th November 2019 and the Burn’s supper on 25th January 2020 as well as a host of other activities during the year to get members together regularly.

So, if you hail from Scotland, have worked or studied there, have a passion for all things Scottish or are just interested to enjoy some of the best evenings in Jakarta, why not sign up to be a member of the Society and receive regular news about what is going on with JSAS. Membership is free.

In addition to following our activities here on the website you can also follow us through our:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JavaStAndrewSociety

Instragram Page: https://www.instagram.com/thejavastandrewsociety

JSAS is part of a global network of St Andrew’s, Caledonian or Scottish Societies which have the same aims of celebrating Scotland and Scottish activities. If you are not in Indonesia but are interested in finding out about a society in your region please check out the listing of  All members of the Society are eligible to attend and vote and the elected Chieftain will serve until the following year’s election. Once elected the Chieftain will appoint such office bearers as she/he may wish to have help in running the Society.

The positions of Chieftain and Deputy Chieftain are reserved for Scottish members only but all other positions are open to any member. Our constitution is here: https://bit.ly/JSASConstitution22

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