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100 Years in Jakarta

Chieftain's Message

Published on May 20th, 2018


New Chieftain’s Message

Dear Java St Andrew Society Members,

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to all of you and friends of the Society for supporting our events over the past years, and to the Society members who elected me to be the new Chieftain. In truth, I am very honoured.

As the new Chieftain, I would draw special attention to the fact that this year is not like any other, as we are into celebrating the Centenary of the Society, arguably Jakarta’s most prestigious. Naturally, two major events of any year, namely The Java society’s St Andrews Ball,  and The Burn’s Supper this year these will be particularly special. To provide the right ambience, and given that it’s the 100th anniversary I have elected to host the ball at a different hotel, I am sure all will embrace this year to a new location.

And to ensure we get off to a good start we have already secured and stored a suitable Islay malt to be placed on every table at both venues.  In short, I am happy to say that both anniversary events are now secured, with dates confirmed namely 24th of November 2018 and January 25th, 2019.

Importantly, I have also taken the opportunity to provisionally book the same venue for next year’s Ball, the reason being that since taking up my new post I have learnt that hotels in Jakarta are fully booked a year ahead. Booking next year’s venues will ensure that we have a suitable venue to host our 2019 ball.

As soon as I was elected to the new post I set to work, and immediately asked Roger Finnie to be my Deputy. I was pleased when he accepted the post, I am certain in time Rodger will prove to have been  a good choice, I believe that he will be an asset to the Society as we move through 2018 into 2019.

To ensure that all society venues exceed JSAS members expectations, I intend to form three teams of volunteers, each team will focus on their selected event only. To that end, Roger has been assisting both myself and Sarah Brown, who agreed to come on board to join the St Andrews ball team. Since charging Sarah with the task of both locating a suitable venue for the ball, and helping select the menu, she has put to bed swiftly. That being so, I can now confirm that the dates for both these events are now ‘cast in stone’. As such I am asking for two more volunteers to join our team to ensure all enjoy a great show on the night.

The first JSAS event to take place will be the whisky tasting, This will be headed up by Rod Swan whom I have known for many years. Rod and I have already sourced some excellent malts for this get-together. It may please the whiskey connoisseurs attending to note that we have three 30 year old malts in the lineup, all with a good nose and all are more than just a nice dram.

As a newcomer to this role, I would like to start with a big thanks to Alastair McLeod the outgoing Chieftain and his committee, responsible for last year’s events, no easy task in Jakarta, as I have recently found out.

That said, in order to ensure that we reach the 100th anniversary, and beyond I ask for your full support. Let’s make this a great year, with at least three main JSAS events occurring.  To that end please let me know if you would be willing to assist. This is a call to arms for a further two members to assist in carrying the three above events to their fruition. Finally, there has in the past been an annual golf event, one with the Auld Enemy (England) if there is enough interest I will put this in motion, please email myself should you be interested in me adding this to our JSAS annual venues list.

Finally, I would intend to arrange one committee meeting before many of us disappear shortly for a ‘summer’ holiday.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our first event, and all the others to follow.


William Gray
Chieftain JSAS 2018-19





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