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Whisky Tasting

Published on December 15th, 2018


Java St Andrew Society Whisky Tasting 2018

Always a popular event, this year’s Whisky Tasting was held at Fez in Kemang on Friday 19th October 2018. With over 100 people in attendance we had a very full room but thanks to the all the team at Fez and the Society’s Committee and helpers on the night, everything went off very smoothly.

Attendees were treated to a curry buffet, free flow beer and wine and of course, an excellent tasting option of 9 different whiskies. As usual the whisky tasting was a blind tasting with participants to the competition needing to match the taste to the tasting notes, no mean feat when other flavours of the evening were swirling around in the mouth. A background of Scottish pop music played during the evening and prior to the prize-giving, everyone was treated to a traditional country dance performance. As in prior year’s 3 out 6 blind tastings correct was a winning score. With 4 people getting this score, we had a “taste-off” with the curve ball of a Japanese whisky thrown in for the tie-breaker – our winner was presented with a bottle of Chieftain William Gray’s favourite tipple to take home whilst the rest of the whisky was opened up for general consumptions.

A thank you for the generosity of some of our members who donated whiskies for the event and our main sponsor on the evening The Rio Club.

A few highlights from the event held in Jakarta are shown in the video below.

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